5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives Everyone Must Know



WhatsApp is a huge community that has over 100 million users. All those millions of users have their individual demands and expectations from the WhatsApp Application. It is not possible for WhatsApp officials to satisfy the needs of each and every user. Thus, to overcome this situation, WhatsApp official came with some policies and restrictions that they can apply to the users. These policies were created by the officials to preserve the privacy of their users.

But since everything came with a cost, and these polices also costed a huge to WhatsApp community. Thousands of users start looking for alternatives to WhatsApp. As a result, various developers created some brilliant applications by making some amendments in the source code of official WhatsApp. But since those applications were WhatsApp Mods and Google Play Store doesn’t allow MOD versions to get published on it.

Today I have picked 5 best alternatives of WhatsApp. All the alternatives to WhatsApp are selected on the basis of their usage and reliability. Since these applications aren’t available on Play Store then you have to download the below-listed applications from the internet but beware of fake APK providers.

Along with this, all the alternatives mentioned below are completely safe to use and doesn’t harm the system unless you download the virus infected APK file from fake APK provider. Now let’s have a look over the list.

5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

5 Best Whatsapp alternatives

5 Best Whatsapp alternatives


GBWhatsApp is the best MOD version of WhatsApp that is available on the internet till now. You will get gbwhatsapp download option in many site just search on google, GBWhatsApp offers everything that official WhatsApp didn’t offer. Along with this, GBWhatsApp has all the locked features of WhatsApp. You must try this application if you want to experience what unrestricted usage of WhatsApp is actually?


YoWhats is very similar to GBWhatsApp but since it is more compact than GBWhatsApp then no-doubt it will offer less than what GBWhatsApp offers. That’s why YOWhatsApp is less popular than that of GBWhatsApp. But since it offers more than what official WhatsApp offers and those offered features might have something that can fulfill your expectations. Thus, you can give YOWhatsApp a try. Along with this, YOWhatsApp gives you the experience of iOS versioned WhatsApp on Android.

WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo is not a MOD version that offers features that WhatsApp doesn’t. But the reality is WhatsApp Indigo is all about an attractive User Interface. Developers had created WhatsApp Indigo just to improve the appearance on the official WhatsApp and if you want to try something more attractive than and as reliable as the WhatsApp application is then you can try WhatsApp Indigo surely.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is another one the best MOD version of WhatsApp. As the name indicates WhatsApp plus offers features that WhatsApp offers along with this it offers all the features that are being locked by the WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus doesn’t only offers more features than WhatsApp, it offers a better UI than that of official WhatsApp.


FMWhatsApp is different from all other mods of WhatsApp. It is because FMWhatsApp offers something more than that of what other mod versions are offering. Through FMWhatsApp you can use more than one number at a time. Although FMWhatsApp UI is a little bit complex and no so clean that’s the reason why it is on the last position of our List.

So, these applications are the best alternatives of WhatsApp and if you want us to make some changes in the list then do let us know through the comment section below.

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