What Is An Android Keylogger And How It Can Be Liable For Spying On Someone Anonymously



With the advent of social media and intense technological advances whether it is in the form of computers or mobile phones, has taken the World by storm. The recent improvisations in technology have brought us forth, some extreme types of problems as well, which include the cyber issues including Online harassment, social media blackmailing and several critical problems which cannot be ignored.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to remain updated about the problems which are prevalent in the internet World and to devise a proper solution to the problems which may lead to several complications in the future.

A Keylogger is defined as something which can track the activities which are being done on the target phone, Basically, it is a critical spying application which must be available in the monitoring device in order to check on all of the buttons which are being used on the target phone, which means intensive and live spying, which has became necessary nowadays, specially for the parents in order to keep a check on the types of activities their children are doing on their phones.

Moreover, in your business and office, it is also advised for you to keep a check on the activities done by the employees in order to guarantee safety and trust from all around.

For this utility, you may need an application or tracking software that may help you in this regard and keep a check on your loved ones for their safety. For it can provide the Android keylogger, which is necessary to maintain a check and provide real-time monitoring of the target.

Cocospy is an exotic and easy to use spying software which can run on the commonly used operating systems including the Android and iPhone. This free spying software helps you to track the target phone and keep you aware of the activities being done by it.

Cocospy is known to be published and appreciated by famous World-class websites including the PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire. Cocospy and its efficiency is regarded by these websites and it stands tall among all the other spying software.

CocoSpy Android KeyLogger

CocoSpy Android KeyLogger

The keylogger can help you to find out the secrets that may lay hidden in the mobiles of the target persons, for example, it can confess the passwords from where you can easily gain access to the social media accounts of your children or spouse in order to keep an eye on the activities going on inside their phones.

This process can be made possible with ease and rest by the help of Cocospy application. This application provides all of the spying options one may need for extensive spying and live monitoring purposes, This application is famous around the globe for its superiority and expertise in the field.

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Spying someone using android keylogger

How Android Keylogger is Used?


  • Install Cocospy:

Spying someone using android keylogger


Cocospy is a free Application available on both the Android and IOS. First, you may need to download the Cocospy application on the target phone and Sign up for free on it and then allow the Cocospy application to gain access to target phone’s credentials and allow it to run on the phone without security issue so it can easily be traced, this act must be done with secrecy in order to complete secure hacking.


  • Enter Required Credentials:


If the user of the monitoring phone is an Android user, then it can easily be installed without rooting the mobile, Cocospy will start the spying process on the target Android phone. However, For people who use the iPhone, it is necessary to enter iCloud credentials on the target phone and then propagate the monitoring procedure.

Spy Using Android KeyLogger Application

Spy Using Android KeyLogger Application


  • Finish Installation And Spy:

Android Keylogger APPlication


Once these requirements are fulfilled, The final step requires you to log in your account from the user phone and open up the Dashboard in the panel to record the activities being placed the target phone. The person being spied will totally be unaware of the fact that he or she is being spied.

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Cocospy’s Application Tools:

1. Text Spy Application:

Text spy application not only tracks the text messages completely but also tells you about the persons who are sending texts, hence you are liable to know the texts being sent or received.

2. Call Tracker:

Call tracker is an extensive application tool by Cocospy, it gives you complete voice recording and a call recording time of around 30 minutes so you can easily guess the types of persons the target is in contact with.

3. Location Tracker:

The location tracker application helps you know the location of the target phone through the GPS technology, it helps us in knowing the location of the person so we may know whether the person is safe or needs any immediate help.

4. The Geo-Fence Alert:

Geo-Fence alert, is an extensive application tool which is considered very unique and useful for the monitoring person, this alert warns the monitoring person through a notification warning that the target person is transgressing out of safe grounds and going out to the unsafe boundary, it is especially useful for parents to remain updated about the child’s location.

5.Social Media Tracking:

Cocospy Social media tracking helps us in knowing the complete information of a person’s social media activity. It hacks the social apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram Etc. and delivers full details of account messages and media files used on the social media account by the person, anonymously.

Final Words:

A Keylogger is something you may need to download on your monitoring device in order to keep you updated about all of the activities being done by the target person so you may know whether the person is safe or not. It is highly advised for parents and office employees to use this application and spying keylogger for the sake of their own security and in order to help them deal with the situations that may be faced.


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