Are Interactive Videos the Future for Businesses?



A business looking to increase its sales and brand recognition online has various digital marketing tools available to it. One such tool is the use of interactive images. These can be created with software that is available online. Interactive videos have proven to work for many businesses looking to push to the next level in terms of their sales.

With the above in mind, we shall think about the future that exists for interactive videos. The kinds of longevity they may have but, at the same time, be mindful that right now they are making a difference to many online businesses or companies making use of online marketing.

Switch to Online

As businesses switch to online, the need for interactive images becomes ever greater. The go-to place online is a company’s website, and it is on here that interactive images can play their part in sales. They can lure customers into buying products that they otherwise may have ignored. Compelling videos will draw the customer in, have them interact with the video to find out more, and then take them directly to the checkout area with ease and simplicity. With an interactive video, it can be made as easy as picking up a product from off a supermarket shelf.


Because the software is available online; it is not hard to create interactive videos as a business. With ready-made or tailored software, a business can remain in control of their content and personalise the video to their business. It can be tailored to a product and a brand in terms of its promotion. The software makes it easy to achieve a well-produced and professional video that will have customers wanting more.


The multitude of possibilities for an interactive video will give it longevity. It can be used to demonstrate a product or take customers into the inner workings of a company so that they feel part of the company and a friend of the staff member or demonstrator they are buying from. It is all about creating a life-like experience and a buying atmosphere that will prove successful.

With an interactive video, you can take viewers to places other videos will not take them. You can complete the checkout process through that same video so that a customer does not have to go anywhere else to purchase their product. If it is made too difficult, they will simply use your information and ideas and take their buying elsewhere. You want the whole process completed by one interactive video. Then it is job done. Interactive videos also have the flexibility to be used for exploring a product further and for feedback to be gathered. They have many uses and the companies selling the software can advise you on that.

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The Statistics

It is the opinion of around 80% of marketers that interactive content will grab the attention of audiences more effectively than static content. A similar number will agree interactive content enhances customer relations. Around 65% reported that the engagement levels of their audiences had increased since they started using interactive content. That is the use of interactive videos for their promotion campaigns.

So, the future does look good for interactive videos and images. That is not to say that we should wait to discover what it can do for us just because it will be available for some time. Now is absolutely the right time to see just what difference using interactive images can make in terms of selling more and growing our business. We owe it to our business, to its owners, and to its staff, to do all we can to produce the same results online than with your shop in the high street. With or without the shop, online opens our business up to new markets that are waiting to be tapped into. Global markets with possibilities as numerous as interactive videos themselves.

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