Best Free Bootable USB Maker Tools for Windows and Mac



If a user wanted to install the operating system on his computer or create a rescue diskette for it a few years ago, he would burn the operating system to CD / DVD. In order to create a bootable pendrive for installing the operating system on our computer, we have to burn the operating system to CD / DVD. So in this article we are going to talk about the best bootable USB maker.

Best USB Maker Tools for Windows and Mac

1. Rufus



Firstly Rufus is simple and easy to use. It automatically detects your USB flash drive and capacity so that you can easily identify which device you are formatting. A bootable USB drive can be built for new hardware or legacy BIOS supporting UEFI. You only have to select the appropriate options from the list.

2. RMPrep USB

It is all in one tool. Features come with a cluttered interface. If you want a simple bootable USB to install a new operating system, I personally do not recommend it.

RMPrep UBS specialized in creating multiple partitions on a single USB drive. You can install multiple ISOs of different OSs or save user files along the edge of a bootable USB.



The special feature of this USB is that we can create partitions  easily so that you can so in hard-drive so that you can make it easily accessible to save the files as well as a separate folder for storing files. Uses the same drive.

  • It keeps your files separate from operating system files.
  • For advanced users. difficult to use.
  • Create ISO from USB drive.
  • Edit the hard drive grub .
  • Test speed of USB drive.
  • Support all OSs.

3. Universal USB Installer

Special tools for creating a bootable live Linux OS. It has a predefined list of most Linux distributions available. Route the ISO image and USB flash drive you want to boot from. Create a live antivirus rescue disk using it. A special option for this is also given for reuse of CDs.

+ Special menu for Linux, also supports Window 7


Yumi, short for your universal multiboot installer. This software allows you to create a bootable USB drive in a format of more than one operating system in a USB drive.

YUMI has a large collection of free OSs based on Linux and other free OS projects. Just choose what you want and YUMI will give you a direct download link for it. Its appearance is quite more attractive and easily hand able.

5. U-Netbootin

This device is an exact clone of the Universal USB installer or you can also say that the Universal USB installer is a clone of UNetbootin.



Create a bootable USB for any Linux distribution.

The best option is to use UNetbootin  if you are not using Windows OS .It is  available for Linux, iOS and Windows.

most of the software listed here will not run where U-Netbootin comes in to help. Whenever you are using LINUX

6. Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi)

LinuxLive USB Maker

LinuxLive USB Maker

LiLi is another software used to create a bootable USB. A special feature called built-in globalization allows users to run the installed Linux operating system without restarting Windows which is a distinctive feature of Lily.If you are only concerned about Linux then you should go for it.

7. Win Setup from USB

It is also a tool for those who want to install multiple operating systems on one USB device. With Win Setup USB you can use any recommended windows windows 7, XP or anyone which you is necessary you  will be presented with a list of operating systems installed on the thumb drive whenever you are preparing to install USB drive and then select the preferred operating system to boot. Although the interface is simple, non-specialist users may find it difficult to use.

 8. X-Boot

This is more than just a bootable USB manufacturer. You can create a rescue CD or a disk that contains many operating systems or tools such as antivirus rescue CDs.

It combines many tools in the ISO image and is more useful than just USB-making tools. X Boot can create ISO images from files and then write these files to a USB drive for booting or installation.

9. Windows Bootable Image Maker

It is a simple and ultra-small device that does its job as you expect. WBIM has a super-simple interface and minimal buttons to avoid confusion for new users. It is a tool of Ask VG.

Windows Bootable Image Maker

Windows Bootable Image Maker

There are only basic buttons and only one function to do. Simply create a bootable USB drive to install or try out the new operating system. you will be very surprised by the weight and how small this software is. It is just 160KB in size.

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Other Equipment

➤ Novicorp Wintoflash is also a tool that will help you recover a deleted bootloader besides creating a boot flash drive.

➤ Etcher is an excellent tool for Mac OS users

The Windows Official USB Creation Tool is an official tool for creating bootable USB drives to install downloaded Windows 7 and Windows 8 ISO images without burning a traditional disk.

MB Flash Boot is a bit tool, which is about 24 MB in download size. It has more options than any other device, but is actually a paid device, but anyone can use it for free.

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