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The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. In this digital age, finding a great internet service provider is very crucial. Speaking of which, there are several big internet companies in the USA. While some areas have just one internet service provider, other states have multiple choices.

If you are looking for the best internet provider in the USA, you are in the right place. In this post, we will give you a brief overview of some of the top-rated internet providers in the country. To enjoy the best internet service, you should use Sparklight approved modems.

Top Internet Providers To Go For

If you are looking for higher internet speeds and better deals, then you should choose to pick from the internet providers listed below.

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Xfinity is one of the most widely used internet services in the US. They have their presence in over 40 states, therefore, there is a good chance that their services are available in your area. They offer a speed of up to 2Gbps which is great. As far as the costs are concerned, their monthly plan is $39.99. This is the most affordable plan offered which comes with a speed of 2Mbps. If you are an Xfinity user, you can become Xfinity mobile subscribers. This gives you unlimited text, talk, and data for just $45 every month. They also offer limited plans of 10GB, 3GB, and so on.

AT&T Internet

When it comes to internet services in the US, we simply cannot go without talking about AT&T Internet. Unlike other companies, they like to keep things simple. They offer just two plans including Internet 1000 and Internet 100. The name of the plan is based on the speed you will get. For instance, Internet 1000 is 1Gbps, and Internet 100 is 100Mbps. They make use of fiber internet to give you faster and reliable speed. Currently, the company is offering all their plans at just $45 for one year. This gives you the chance to enjoy their service without paying any extra costs.

Frontier Communications

The next top internet service provider in the USA would be Frontier Communications. This is one company that is foraging into rural America. If you opt for Frontier Communications, you can avail of cable, DSL, and fiber internet connections. The good thing about this company is that they mainly cover areas where there are fewer good options. So if you live in a state where top companies like Xfinity and AT&T Internet is absent, you can avail Frontier Communications. Coming to the pricing, their monthly plans start from $27.99 for 6Mbps speed. They also offer a $44.99 per month plan which provides up to 45Mbps speed. This makes it an ideal option for rural areas. Another thing about Frontier, they offer FiOS plans for users based in Florida, California, and Texas.


If you are looking for an affordable internet service provider in the US, then CenturyLink could be the ideal option for you. They offer tempting monthly packages that you cannot deny. Their monthly plan starts at 49 per month for 100Mbps speed. If you can extend your budget to $65 per month, you can enjoy a max speed of up to $940Mbps. The maximum speed limit offered by the company is up to 1Gbps. However, the only problem with CenturyLink is that they are not available in many places. Also, their connection speed may vary from place to place. But if you want to enjoy an affordable internet service, then this is for you.

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There is hardly anyone in the US who hasn’t heard of the company Verizon. This is one of the most popular internet providers in the country. The company offers only three main plans to keep things simple. This include $79.99, $59.99 and $39.99 per month. All three plans offer decent speeds which can go up to 1Gbps. Unlike other companies, Verizon offers you some bonuses as well. Currently, they are offering one year of Disney Plus for free. Besides, everything, the company is backed by efficient customer service as well.


Lastly, we have Optimum which is now owned and operated by Altice. This is one of the robust internet service providers in the US. The price of their base plan starts from $29.99 a month. This offers speeds up to 20Mbps. But by paying $15 extra, you can boost your speed up to 300Mbps. They also have a higher package costing $64.99. It gives you speeds up to 400Mbps. recently, the company has included gigabit speeds for $65 per month. The only major problem with the company is that they are located only in New Jersey, New York, and northeast Pennsylvania.

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The USA has some of the best internet providers in the world. These are the services that give you faster downloads and reliable connections. You can pick any of these companies if they are available in your location.

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