Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10, 8, 7



Rainmeter is very much popular software that allows you to get the best of skins to customize your windows desktop. There is a long list of skins/themes available for you, but you need only the Best Rainmeter Skins. So to help you decide which one are good here is a list of the Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows.

Top 10 Best Rainmeter Skins/Themes For PC Windows 10, 8, 7

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Battlefield 3

Top Rainmeter Themes for Windows 10 PC - Battlefield 3
Top Rainmeter Themes for Windows 10 PC – Battlefield 3

The skin based on one of the most popular gun action games ‘Battlefield 3’ is also one of the best skin available on rainmeter for you. This one is a charm for gamers and you would love to have it on desktop. Use the skin to make your desktop look cooler and better than the old style Windows. The skin has a great combination of background and animation along with shortcuts and all necessities. Get yourself this skin to the awesome Battlefield feels right on your Windows desktop.

Avengers Shield

Best Rainmeter Theme - Shield
Best Rainmeter Theme – Shield

Avengers shield and the heroic world is what everyone has followed since childhood and this won’t change even now. Avengers shield is one of the top 10 rainmeter skins for Windows that are popular among users. Get the super cool skin based on Avengers shield that has most of the customization you need. It comes with tons of features and icon packages along with the shortcuts to make your usage better. Take the looks and efficient way of using your Windows desktop with the avengers shield.

Before Dawn

Best Rainmeter Skins for Laptop – Before Dawn

This one is a skin you would love to have if you can’t afford to have a heavy skin. The size of Before dawn is just some kbs and it comes with everything you need in a skin. The theme is simple yet serves the purpose and you will love how much simplified it is along with the features and easy access to everything you get on the desktop.

Medieval city

Top Rainmeter Skins (Themes) - Medieval City
Top Rainmeter Skins (Themes) – Medieval City

The name suggests how the skin really is and you guessed it right go back in time and get the view of Medieval city. You get the HD wallpapers and great feels of the Medieval along with tons of customization. Make it your choice to get a cool look and great customization on your Windows desktop.

Ironman Jarvis

Best Rainmeter Skin for PC - Jarvis
Best Rainmeter Skin for PC – Jarvis

Ironman the high-tech superhero and his very much popular AI assistance Jarvis is the next theme for your rainmeter skin. Ironman Jarvis is a cool looking and well-managed skin for your windows desktop. Get all the shortcuts and best animation you would love to see every time you turn on your PC.


Top Best Rainmeter Themes for Windows - Space

Space is a well-known theme for skins and wallpapers etc. Here this skin of rainmeter based on space is one thing you should try for a cool experience. Get a better performing skin with customization and tons of tweaks right with the Space skin by rainmeter.

Windows 2019

Best Rainmeter Windows PC Skins - Windows 2019

Windows 2019: Futuristic is a cool theme that you would love for its futuristic interface and animation. It comes with all the customization you can ask for and you have full access to the customization options. There is nothing you can’t customize within this skin to make it right as you like. The shortcuts and widgets are all available for you.

Ironman Jarvis v2

Best Top Rainmeter Skins - Iron Man Jarvis V2

On top of all is another one of the ironman Jarvis based theme. This is version 2 of Ironman Jarvis theme rainmeter skin. It’s cool and you will love it as much as you loved them one listed above. Tons of customization options for you are available with this rainmeter skin and again you would love it if you are an ironman fan.

Darkness fall

Top Rainmeter themes for Windows PC - Darkness Fall

Darkness Fall is a nice rainmeter skin with all necessities loaded in it. It has a long list of wallpapers for you to choose from to set on your desktop. Choose any HD wallpaper you like and change them every day. This rainmeter skin has shortcuts and widgets to make your experience with desktop better than ever.

Newspaper desktop

Best Rainmeter skins for Windows in 2019 - Newspaper Desktop

The old style newspaper desktop theme is for the I like it a different type of people. You get the feels of the newspaper while using this rainmeter skin on your desktop. The interface just like a newspaper with all the icons and shortcuts etc right on your screen as in a newspaper.

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