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Who would not love to chill on their couch and enjoy the game on their Television sets? But it doesn’t happen very often that you get to watch a proper sport game on your TV. Sometimes it’s family disruption or the office work of your strict boss who just wouldn’t allow you to rejoice some free time. Thanks to the technology, we have various sites coming up each day which help us to stream sports from our Mobile or desktop. But again, there are some perplexities in choosing the best website. Worry not; following will help you remove them.

Best & Free Sports Streaming Sites list:

Best Sports Streaming Sites

Best Sports Streaming Sites

Below, we’ve shared the list of some best free sports streaming sites, which requires no sign up:

  • WatchESPN

There would be no such sports lover who isn’t familiar with the name ESPN. Since decades of its programming, ESPN has been telecasting sports from all over the globe and a few years ago, they allowed their users to stream any sport game live for free. What’s best is that WatchESPN isn’t any third party website but an actual site by ESPN so there is nothing to ponder about the privacy. The site is easy to use and ad-free. Along with streaming the HD quality live matches, WatchESPN offers much more. WatchESPN has its own schedule of various networks like SEC, LongHorn, Deportes.

The site is so well-managed that the schedule of the next month is already listed there. With schedules, one can also enjoy the replays of the previous match, in case someone missed it. As live stream has become too mainstream nowadays (pun intended?) ESPN offers live radio, Podcasts, Radio shows, Radio Contests too where you can experience a bit odd but the whole new experience with the Radio schedule already listed. WatchESPN also offers a chance to play Fantasy games by making their own teams for different matches. All in all, the website has almost everything but might be a bit slow comparing to others due to number of features.


Unlike any other website, Firstrowsports is get-at-able and would load it in seconds, be it your desktop or mobile device. It has live-streaming of almost every sports existing, from football to handball, from field hockey to ice hockey, from WWE to UFC. In the homepage itself, the site allows you to set the GMT zone according to your country and makes it easier for you to get the HD live stream on time. The categories are listed on the homepage for each sport and inside them you would find the several links, each associated with different game. The site is very user-friendly and concerned with what the users want. The focal point of the site is always the accuracy of timings. Although sometimes, if not always, the ads may be a bit of concern as they pop up outta nowhere but it is not really much of a problem when one is getting such luxury.


Livetv is another website which offers you live sport streaming, sports video and the ongoing score. The number of events are shown live, be it UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Ice Hockey, NHL or Basketball. European live sports, which are rare to find, such as Futsal, Bandy, Billiard are also available on the site. The schedule is listed on the website regarding to the upcoming broadcasts of the games. Smooth navigation and pleasant iconography are just other things which will make one love this place more. The place has three subsections which are live broadcasts, video archive and betting section.

The platform offers five different languages which is itself huge in number considering there are dozens of sports and hundreds of matches. The site has P2P technology which makes it easier to watch high quality videos for absolutely free. One can also create an account for free on the site and discuss about the ongoing live game in a particular comment section. Video Archive has list of previous matches, their scores and the replays which you can watch at any time you want. Recently, A few users have reported that the site is sometimes not accessible in the UK and thus, is difficult for them to use it.


The sites mentioned above are easy, convenient and supreme according to us and therefore users are highly recommended to use them.

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