GameStop Website Access Denied- How to Fix (Latest Methods)


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Known for its games, GameStop is an American retailer that deals primarily in games. They have everything you could possibly need for your hardcore gaming experiences, from games to gaming collectibles, to gaming hardware.

Although the Gamestop website works perfectly fine most of the time but lately users are getting very annoyed because of one specific error that is “Gamestop Access Denied“. This error can happen anytime on any browser and is really tough to fix. I myself got this error and was very angry because I wasn’t able to fix this issue.

But worry not, I have finally found a way by which you can easily fix Gamestop access denied error.

What are the causes of GameStop’s Access Denied Website Error?

Now, first, let’s understand why this error usually occurs, and then we will talk about all the possible fixes for this error.

  • Restriction- You may not be able to access GameStop’s website if your ISP restricts access based on any rules, such as NSFW.
  • Blocked IP from Gamestop website- It might have happened that GameStop has blocked your IP because of repeatedly refreshing or for any policy violation. If this happens then no device on your network will be able to open the Gamestop website.
  • Usage of VPN- You may get Gamestop access denied error if you try to open GameStop via any VPN. So, make sure you are not using any VPN in the background.

How to fix GameStop Access Denied Error?

GameStop Website Access Denied

Now, to fix this error you have to go through multiple methods and find which one can help you out. But worry, not all the methods listed here are completely free and easy to perform.

Fix 1. Open Gamestop in Incognito Tab.

Although this may seem very stupid as well as obvious. Believe me, doing this one simple task can fix your error and you can start enjoying Gamestop again.

All you need to do is close all your tabs in your browser and then open the incognito tab. After that simply open the Gamestop website and see if your issue is fixed or not.

Fix 2. Restore the browser’s default settings

The GameStop website may display an access denied error if the browser settings or configurations have become corrupted. The problem can be solved by restoring your browser to its default settings. Please make sure you back up all important browser data first. Let us explain how to reset Chrome to its defaults in order to better understand the process.

  • First, open the chrome browser.
  • Now click on the top left corner to open the drop-down menu.
  • Here click on settings and then click on reset.

This will reset all your browser settings and hopefully fix the GameStop Access Denied Error for good.

Fix 3. Reset your Router (If applicable)

  1. Don’t forget to plug in your router. 
  2. Locate your router’s reset button. You’ll find it at the bottom or at the back. 
  3. Press the reset button with a paper clip for 30 seconds. 
  4. Let go of the button.
  5. When the router powers on, you’re good to go. 

Using the configuration web interface is the only way to reset a router if it does not have a reset button. But thankfully most of the modern routers have a reset button.

In a Nutshell

I would suggest that, if you are experiencing an access denied error on the GameStop site as well, you wait a bit and then try again. The admins of the website should fix any problems with the server within a few days. If the problem persists, try one of the solutions listed above.

I hope I have been of any help to you. But if not then please let me know in the comments I am eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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