Hotstar US Subscription Offer ( Hotstar US Promo Code)



If you are in the USA, use the Hotstar US promo code SAVE40 and get a $ 75 discount on the annual sports and entertainment package.

Hotstar USA Membership Offer

Stop running behind pirated websites and informal cricket streaming sites. You can lose your mobile or laptop with a virus sent with these links.

Virus makers and hackers are looking for such opportunities to enter your device. They lure free streaming of cricket or football to enter your devices and hack your details.

Also, what if a cricket match suddenly stops at a crucial moment? You will lose all the fun. Legally, watch Royally and with peace of mind.

Hotstar Dream 11 IPL 2020 Offer:

Use the trick below to get a Hotstar USA account for less than $5 Instant discount + $75 worth of freebies including $10 Amazon Gift Card. I’m using this little trick and saving $75 on a Hotstar account. Enjoy Dream 11 IPL 2020 at high quality with peace of mind.

hotstar us promo code

I live in the USA, so I don’t know about offers in India.

Hotstar Promo Code Description

If you’re in the USA, use us promo code SAVE40 and get a $75 discount on the annual sports and entertainment package.

Apply Hotstar US promo code SAVE40 first and receive a $75 discount $40 mini Carvaan + $25 Desi TV + $10 Amazon Gift Card. The website will charge you $44.99 for the full 1-year membership.

Hotstar additional discount trick:

Here is a little dirty simple secret. Hotstar account can be used in 2 different devices at one time. In other words, 2 people can view the same Hotstar account at a time.

So, share your account details with a friend and share the cost with him. This means you and your friend can get it for only $4 per month.

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