How to Block Adult Websites in Windows 10/Android/Mac


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Our everyday lives have been made easier by the help of technology, so many cool gadgets and devices have been developed. We have created and advanced our technology in so many fields but as we know a coin has two faces. The same goes for the Internet.

Although we can find so much useful data on the internet nevertheless we regularly keep getting inappropriate data and videos which we would never want our kids to watch and that’s why we would prefer to block all those sites that publish or promote this type of data.

 When you have so much adult content, it is difficult to lock it down. It is possible to block adult websites with a number of methods, including Security and Antivirus solutions. Today we are discussing all the methods in order to achieve the purpose. All you have to do is make sure no one can change these settings without you.

By reading this article you would be able to know how to block inappropriate websites on your phone, or PC.

How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome in PC

It’s not difficult to filter out adult content. Using a desktop program or a browser extension is the best way to block adult websites on Windows 10 (or other versions) or Mac. 

Method 1. Block Adult Websites using mSpy

One of the best ways to filter out adult websites on Windows or Mac is through desktop software. This type of program identifies and blocks out inappropriate content as well as gives you the choice of what websites to remove. 

One of my personal favorite app is mSpy. This lets you block all the content websites that you can get access to from the chrome browser. Although it is not a free app but I can assure you that it is worth every penny.

One of mSpy’s most attractive features is the release of a variety of features, including the ability to monitor social media chats, locate devices, and block inappropriate content. MSpy has gained 1.5 million customers through its trustworthy services and 10 years of experience. 

You can get access to mSpy from its official website.

Method 2. Block all the adult websites from your computer settings

To block all the inappropriate websites from windows 10. Follow the steps below:

  • First aof all open settings in your PC.
  • Now, click on account and then select ‘Family & other users’ from the left column.
  • Now add a family member foir whom you are going to block those sites.
  • Enter the mail id to create thier account.
  • Now you have to accept the email that you will recieve in the above account.
  • After this open your accont and head to content restriction rom right bar.
  • Here, you can add the URL of websites that you want to block. One by

 Method 3. Use KidsGuard to Block adult websites on android

Your child will not be able to see results that they can see like all the other people can see when they search for adult or pornographic content after you block websites on their phone.

KidsGuard is one of the best app that can help you to save your kid from any adult content. It will help you to completely block all those adult websites that you don’t want your kid surfing ever.

You can easily get KidsGuard from google play store or simply click go to their official website.

The verdict

There are many different ways in which computers and mobile devices can be used. If your child is using these devices for any creative activity, you don’t have to restrict them from using them. However, if your child starts to indulge in bad web content, you should take action.

To prevent your child from watching any vulgar websites, you can use one of these blocking methods. And that’s why I wrote this article on how to “how to block adult websites in windows 10”.

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