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If you are an android user you must have faced this error that goes like “Mobile Network State Disconnected”. In this error, unless your network is restored, you will lose your mobile data connection while this issue occurs automatically. So, if you are facing this error this post will be of great help to you.

So today at technogeez let’s talk everything about this error and learn how to fix it by ourselves.

Understanding Mobile Network State Disconnected?

The error message “Mobile Network State Disconnected” refers to the signal problem on Android phones, and usually appears when you are trying to connect to a 4G network using a 3G sim. A similar error occurs when the network’s connection transitions from wi-fi to 4G mobile data.

The problem with this error is despite the handset’s ability to connect to 4G and 5G, your SIM card will only connect to 3G and not the 4G or 5G networks. This causes a loss of connectivity which in turn shuts your SIM network.

To identify if you are having the same issue check on the top notification bar there will be an icon that indicates whether the network connection is strong or weak. If it is weak and sometimes going to zero then you have this same issue.

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What Causes Mobile Network State Disconnected?

  • Sim Card is old/Unsupported- As we talked early sometimes the sim is capped only upto 3G networks and when you try to cinnect it to 4G or 5G network you will get this issue. Remeber if it is SIM issue then it will work on 3G.
  • Weak Network- It is seen sometimes mostly in rural or closed areas that network drops drastically that inturns rises this error.
  • Old or Outdated Hardware- When using old smartohones whihc only supports 3G tries to connect to a 4G or 5G network the same issue rises.
  • APN Issue- Mobile Network State Disconnected issue can also arise when there is any issue with your SIM APN. So, we have to check the APN settings.

How to “Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected” Issue?

If you use an iPhone, you may not have any problems with the Mobile Network State issue because it is mainly an Android issue. So if you are an android user just read all the solutions mentioned below and check which one works for you.

  • Reset All APN Settings of your Device- If you just unlocked your phone or purchased a new 4G SIM, then the AT&T details might be blank. Hence, you must complete these details accurately and completely. To do is just follow the steps below.
    • Go to settings
    • Open SIM Card settings.
    • Go to access point names.
    • Reset all the settings.
    • Then go to add new APN and select “Select Automatically”
    • Your error “Mobile Network State Disconnected”might be fixed by now.
  • Change The Mobile Network Carrier to 3G- As we talked earlier about the 3G connectivity issue where your SIM or smartphone cannot connected to 4G or 5G network. The easies way to fix this would be manually select your carrier provider to 3G. To do this follow the bewloe steps.
    • Go to settings.
    • Open SIM Card settings.
    • Go to network carrier provider and select the 3G network.
    • That’s it. Your cannectioon might have been restored by now.
  • Restore / Reset All Network Setting- This setting will clear all your network setting that will include your saved network settings, Wifi passwords, APN, etc. So do remember this fact.
    • To reset all network settings first open settings
    • On the search bar type “Reset Network”
    • Open the option and clear all network settings.
    • This will clear all your network settings to default and hopefully fix this issue.

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The Verdict

So, I hope by now your Mobile Network State Disconnected issue has been fixed and you are ready to use your SIM Card. Today we talked all about the Mobile Network State Disconnected issue like why it arises, how to fix it, etc

But if you are still having this trouble let us know in the comments. So, we can assist you personally.

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