How To Fix Mods Tab Not Loading On Twitch- Latest Methods


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Twitch is a popular streaming service among gamers and is primarily used by fans as a method of watching and supporting their favorite content providers.

Nevertheless, the latest version has introduced a problem that prevents the mods page from loading which is also referred as “ Twitch Mods Tab not Loading Error“.So, many users complain that when they try to view the mods, the Mod tab loads repeatedly but never does.

But worry not lads, today we will find all the possible ways to fix Twitch mod not loading issue.

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Why Twitch Mods Not Loading Occurs?

Recently, Many users have reported that they are experiencing problems such as Twitch mods failing to load on twitch with their loading screens while they play mode games. You may get this error for a lot of reasons and here we will talk about all of them.

  • Your ISP may have had network issues or the connection between you and the server may have prevented you from signing in.
  • Due to the Windows Firewall on your PC, Twitch may be preventing some features from working, causing problems like mods not being able to load.
  • In case the application has not been launched as an administrator, the troubleshooting modes may be available. To fix this error simply run it as administrator.

How to fix Twitch Mods Tab not Loading

Now, let’s talk about our main topic which is How to Fix Twitch Mods Tab not Loading. Below we have listed all the possible methods by which you can easily fix Twitch not loading error.

Fix 1. Run Twitch Via Safe Mode

  • First of all, Open search by clicking (WIN+S) ketys simontaneously.
  • Now type “MSConfig”. Then click on it.
  • Now go to boot menu from options and then click on “Safe Boot”
  • Now your pc will start in safe mode and it will hopefully fix your ” Twitch Mods not Loading Error”
  • Remember to turn off safe mdoe after you finish your gaming.

Fix 2. Run Twitch Account As An Administrator

If the Twitch Mods page does not load, you can run your account as an administrator. Now, choose “properties” as the last option when you right-click Twitch.

Fix 3. Restart/Reboot the Router (If Applicable)

There is also a high possibility that twitch mods not loadings error might be occurring due to connectivity issues. You can restore internet access by reconnecting the system or restarting the router in this case. Also, check speed on any website to see if you are having downtime.

Fix 4. Sign off then Sign in again in your Twitch account

  • Go to Twitch Login Page from Here.
  • You’ll see a menu icon in the top left corner, which looks line 3 parallel lines. On drop down and select Logout option.
  • This will log you out from Twitch after that you have to simply Login again.
  • Hopefully, This will fix your Twitch Tab not loading issue.

Bottom Line

So, that is all about “Twitch Mods Tabl Not Loading” error. Today we discussed all the possible solutions for this Twitch error. I hope now your error has been fixed and you are back on gaming.

Please leave a comment if you are unsure of anything in this article or have any questions, and we will do our best to assist you. Also please share our article on different platforms so that it can be found by people facing similar issues on twitch.

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