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Snapchat is a social media platform just like Instagram, Facebook, where you can send photos or videos to other users, Sent photos are referred to as “Snaps”. These snaps will disappear on their own after a short time. Although it does not sound very fascinating. But believe me, Snapchat has been valued at $ 100 billion. Which itself explains its popularity among people.

Also when talking about Snapchat we can’t really miss out on any of its features like the custom story, snap streak, Snapchat shortcuts, and many more. But what I feel is Snapchat shortcuts is one of the most underrated features of Snapchat and that’s why we will talk about it today.

How to make Shortcuts on Snapchat

Even though it is very easy to create shortcuts on Snapchat many people find it very difficult and prefer direct snap rather than using shortcuts. But believe me, once you start creating shortcuts on Snapchat then there is no going back.

So, to make matters easy we have created two guides the first one is a simple one-line guide while the other one is a long step-to-step guide for people who are not very much familiar with Snapchat shortcuts.

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One line Guide on How to Create a Snapchat Shortcut

Snapchat users can make a shortcut by first creating their snap, selecting “Send To”, and taping on the search bar, then selecting shortcut once the new page opens to create the shortcut.

Step By Step Guide on How to Create Snapchat Shortcut

  • Simply open the Snapchat app and take a snap to send.
  • To access the contact information, click on the blue ‘Send to’ button.
  • Here click on ‘Send To…’ in the top panel. A new shortcut button will appear.
  • Click on shortcut button and Voila! you have created shortcut on snapchat.

How To Delete Snapchat Shortcuts

Now, as we have learned how we can create our own Snapchat shortcuts. Now, you might be wondering what if I want to delete any shortcut? Worry not! we got you covered here too.

Below we have created a Step to Step guide by which you can easily learn to delete any Snapchat shortcut.

  • To access your shortcuts you have to get to your camera page and take a snap. (Take any snap you won’t be sharing it anyways).
  • Now click on shortcuts and then edit shortcuts button.
  • From this page you will be able to delete shortcuts as well as manage them.

Some FAQ’S about Snapchat Shortcuts

  • Will anyone get notified about my shortcut?
    • No, Except you no one will be able to know that you have created a shortcut for their chat.
  • Is Snapchat safe for texting?
    • Yes, ofcourse Snapchat is safe for texting as well as for sharing photos and videos.
  • Can I use Snapchat without the app?
    • That’s a shame but you really can’t use Snapchta without smartphone like from PC or Laptop.

The Bottom Line

So, I guess that is it for today folks. Today we talked about multiple queries like how to create a Snapchat shortcut, How to delete a Snapchat shortcut, Why create a Snapchat shortcut, and much more.

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