How to Zoom In on Discord – Learn to Zoom IN & OUT on Discord


How To

Gaming enthusiasts and people who value keeping specific groups of individuals with common interests all in one place use Discord the most. In Discord, the interface can be adjusted to suit your tastes, you can also customize how the page appears, and even change the theme according to your personal taste.

The Zoom in and Zoom out options are not directly available on both the website and mobile app of Discord. Zoom levels can usually be adjusted in most applications as an accessibility feature that helps with reading, copying, etc. Zoom in and Zoom out is a very basic feature but still, some people might not be able to find them easily on discord. But worry not that’s why we are here.

Just keep reading and we will learn together How to Zoom in and Zoom out on Discord & Reset Zoom on the Discord website as well as the mobile app.

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How to Zoom In / Zoom Out on Discord from PC/Mac

How to Zoom In / Zoom Out on Discord on PC/Mac

If you are a PC user, and you use the discord website then you have many options for controlling zoom-in and zoom-out on Discord. Although we won’t be talking about any long method rather than we will learn the simplest method to do so. Just follow the guide below to learn the Zoom in and out feature on discord.

  • To zoom in on Discord on Windows, press Ctrl + (+) together. For Mac users, you can zoom in using Command + (+)
  • Using the Ctrl + (-) keyboard combination, you can zoom out of Discord on Windows. For Mac, you would press Command + (-).
  • Press Ctrl + 0 on Windows to restore Discord’s default screen size. You can access Discord on a Mac by pressing the Command + 0 combination

How to Zoom In / Zoom Out on Discord from Mobile Application

Now, if you are not a PC user and still want to perform Zoom in and Zoom out feature on Discord then worry not. We got you covered on this. Just simply follow the guide below and you will be easily able to do so.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you are using Discord’s app on your smartphone. You can follow them for both Android and iOS.

  • You can start by opening Discord and tapping on the profile picture.
  • Now, you’ll find the Appearance option a bit down the page. Click it to access it.
  • You will now be able to customize the game. You will find the option for scaling the chat font here
  • Now, simply move the slider from left to right to Zoom in and vice versa for Zoom out action.

The Verdict

So, there you have it guys. Now you don’t have to go through any guide to learn about the Zoom in or Zoom out feature on Discord. I hope that I have been helpful and provided value to you in any way.

Also please share our work with anyone who is looking to solve the same problem and keep visiting technogeez for daily content.

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