Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate – Detailed Study



Just as the smartphone has become an important gadget for the average person in today’s world, fitness bands have become one. Real-time monitoring of your health is now possible with only a small wristband.

Right now, Fitbit Band is one of the most popular fitness products. With Fitbit, you can track your steps, heart rate, calories burned, and many other health-related features in no time. Although after being so much popular the accuracy of the device seems to be in controversy very often.

And this is the reason why you are here. To find the truth about the “Fitbit Calories Burned” feature. Worry not I had the same question and that’s why I wrote this article so that everyone can get insights on the same.

Today we will talk about the Fitbit band’s feature and find out if Fitbit Calories Burned is Accurate or not. So, let’s dive into it. Shall we?

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Why Fitness Trackers can be Inaccurate? 

You might be wondering why Fitbit and other fitness trackers are often inaccurate considering they cost so much money. The truth is harsh and very disappointing, to be honest. The answer is most of the trackers are unable to do anything more than estimate your calorie burn.

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of fitness trackers available on the market. However, only a small percentage have been scientifically studied – that is, measured on par with laboratory-based calorie counters. However, recent research has indicated that tracking devices can under- or overestimate calories used by roughly 20 percent depending on the device.

There are many factors that can influence the number of calories burned, and each fitness tracker is created with a specific algorithm. By using these factors, this algorithm is able to estimate how many calories you burn, but can’t provide you with a definitive answer as to how many calories had burned.

Is Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate? 

So, let’s not delay it further. let’s talk about the Fitbit calories burned feature if it’s accurate or not.

For me yes, Fitbit was really accurate when I did the data comparison for multiple weeks. Although there was minor error or deflection it was always below 5% which is quite impressive. It really outperformed every other band in the marked without a hassle.

 But what I’ve noticed is that it often overestimates calorie burn during activities, such as walking and running, so if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, it may take longer to lose fat.

So, yeah if you were confused if a Fitbit tracker would be better for you to track your calories. Now, you know it all.

Wrapping it Up?

So, the final answer to if Fitbit Calories Burned Accurate? is: Yes and no. If you are going to compare it with high-tech labs and experiments then it will never be enough for you. But if you want to get the basic idea or estimation of the calories you burned then Fitbit is one of the best trackers you can buy right now. 

I hope I was able to answer your queries regarding Fitbit but if not. We are just one comment away reach us out and we will surely ping you back.

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