What Small Businesses Can Accomplish With PR

Still on the fence about the power of PR for your business? You may think your marketing department is doing just fine without a PR arm. However, if you’re not courting the power of the press and the general public (that’s the “public” in public relations, after all), then you’re probably missing out.

Public relation is particularly helpful for small businesses. Big businesses have an advantage when it comes to throwing money at problems, something the small fries out there don’t have. But what big companies don’t often have is a warm and fuzzy story. Because of this, PR can actually level the playing field enough to where you can compete. Here’s how!

Connect You with a Solid Base

One-way public relations levels the playing field for small businesses is it’s all about your ideas and execution. Whether you throw money at the problem or not, you have to execute it well. As a result, there are plenty of stories of big businesses failing big time when it comes to their PR efforts.

If you do pull off your PR and social media well, you potentially gain a customer base that will be around with your company for years to come. Customers don’t like to think nameless corporations are behind their favorite brands; they want a personal touch, to talk with real people.

When you really engage with them, show that you truly care, they’ll stick with you through thick and thin. That’s something no amount of money can buy.

Constant Reminders You Exist

Most PR efforts help keep your business in customers’ minds every single day. Through blog posts, Facebook postings, Twitter tweets, press releases, and everything else, the fans and casual customers of your business will never forget you exist.

According to digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, he uses some of the best press release distribution services to rank his websites and client websites on Google and say it’s one of the top SEO strategies has been using over the years.

Social media is particularly adept at this, and this is why Facebook has constantly proven to be so successful to PR pros. They “like” your business on Facebook and, if you keep up with it, they see updates every day as they read posts from their friends and family.

Try offering them coupons, discounts, and other exclusive offers through Facebook and they won’t be able to resist.

Worldwide Exposure

Before the web took over the world, a small business’ chance of reaching a global audience was practically nil. Once in a while a little guy would enjoy a big success story, but for the vast majority of small businesses, that was simply impossibility.

Now that everyone is online, though, the smallest company in the world can reach across the globe in no time flat. If your Mom & Pop in a little town in Indiana has a website, someone in Bangladesh can pull it up and order from you.

The same goes for your PR efforts. Suddenly Berlin, Germany isn’t so far away, especially when a fan of yours posts how much they love you on Facebook or Twitter. You answer that Berliner fan, telling them how much you appreciate them, and suddenly they’re a fan for life. Public relation isn’t just another form of marketing like many thinks; it can provide a full, rich experience for your company and fans alike.

Which aspect of PR could help your business the most?

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