Windows 7 vs. Windows 10 – Which is Better?



Microsoft Windows is a majorly used operating system existing in the world now. Whenever you buy a new computer the first software you install is the OS. Currently, in the market, the main 3 OS are running Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, and MAC OS. But the majority of people use Microsoft Windows. In Windows, 2 versions are commonly getting used now. Windows 7 and Windows 10. So if you are also planning to use windows then you must check this comparison between Windows 7 vs Windows 10.

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Windows 7 vs Windows 10 Which one is better?

Windows 7 vs Windows 10

First thing first Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS so it gets an advantage in comparison. This is easy to tell which one is better. But if you are looking for OS which will be helpful for you to complete your task easily then you will have to consider a lot of aspects. Check below all aspects and find which one is better for you.

Why Choose Windows 7?

Windows 7

In windows 7 there are a few advantages that will let you know that Windows 7 is better than windows 10. Download Windows 7 Full Free and enjoy all the cool features that we mentioned below.


Windows 7 has a simple and easy design. As we all know that windows 7 has easy navigation and all task are very easily get done by using windows 7. If you are using your computer for a simple day to day life or any kind of easy job or to run a few software then you should go with windows 7.

The Start menu:

Windows 7 has the best start menu according to all reviews. In windows 8 and 10 the start menu gets kind of more features and it confuses users.


It is not easy for everyone to adopt new changes. There is nothing wrong with that. If you are comfortable with Windows 7 you can carry on with it.

Hardware Restrictions:

Windows 7 works with almost all hardware. You can easily run windows 7 on 1 GB ram computer too. where windows 10 requires more ram.

Compatibility and gaming

You should check that gamers are still using windows 7. Because we all know windows 7 does not require more ram to operate. So windows 7 is better for gaming and it is compatible with almost all games.

File Management

The main thing is keeping all files proper in PC. Where windows 7 takes a point. It has an old and simple file management system and it is very easy.

Why Choose Windows 10?

Windows 10

The latest version of Microsoft is Windows 10 so it is obviously better than other versions. But the user’s choice is also important as the user is going to use it.


Voice assistant is the latest trend so windows 10 has Cortana as a voice assistant.


If you have better hardware then you will get better performance with Windows 10. You must choose windows 10 if you have at least  4 GB of ram.

Virtual Desktops:

With the use of Virtual Desktop, you can do multitasking easily. This is the best feature of  Windows 10.

Tablet Mode and touchscreen optimization:

In the market, people are buying touch screen laptops more than others. So with Windows 10, you get a better experience while using it as tablet mode.

Security and Privacy:

The latest version has new updates so it provides better security and privacy to your data.

Notifications &  Search:

Windows 10 is having a notification window and a better search option.


Overall, in conclusion, we would like to say windows 10 is a better option to use but if you are having just simple usage then you must try Windows 7.

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