Wix VS Weebly Review: The Ultimate Comparison



The Internet has a lot of features that it never had before. Now, many online platforms and services are on their peak. Online shopping and e-commerce, cab booking and even Website Development Platforms are available. A Website Development service or a Web Page Builder is a platform that allows its user to create a stunning website without any advanced coding knowledge. These services are available for free and can be accessed by anyone provided they have a good internet connection at home or workspace. Some of the main and renowned website builders are WordPress, Wix, and Weebly.

Today, in this section we will compare the two best web page builder available on the internet. We will discuss their pros, cons, similarities, and differences with an unbiased nature.
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Wix vs Weebly Review
Wix vs Weebly Review

Wix VS Weebly Review: The Ultimate Comparison

Wix and Weebly both have a significant amount of active users on their platform. However, Wix rocks in terms of google searches. Wix has approximately 300K searches whereas Weebly has only 50K searches.

User Concern

Wix is a website content builder that supports numerous templates and plugins which can be applied on one’s website for free. Weebly has a drag and drops concept that is suitable for all the beginners that are new to code and cannot code that fluently. Simple drag and drop make Weebly the winner in terms of beginner concerns.

User Experience

Wix has a lot of options to choose from and is more neat and tidy than Weebly. The user interface is Weebly is however cluttered. This makes Wix the winner in the race for User Experience.

Variety of Available options

Wix has a lot more options that Weebly as mentioned above. Wix also features more plugins and templates when compared to Weebly that provides a limited amount of templates. Wix is more varied than Weebly and is declared as the winner in this term.

Website Protection

What will happen if you are fixing your site and then suddenly your system goes off? If you are using Wix, then do not worry, nothing will happen. But, if unluckily, you are using Weebly, then all your hard work will be off in a go. This means that Wix provides undo and Autosave features which Weebly does not offer sadly.

E-Commerce Solution

If you are willing to create an online Store for your business or shop, then you should opt for Weebly as it provides some default settings and presets for an online store, which Wix does not. Weebly is a one-stop destination for all the ECommerce related problems that a business owner can face in their website time.

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